Take the Work Out of Washing Your Car

Clean your vehicle the easy way at our automated car wash

If you're tired of people writing "Clean Me" on the dirty windows of your car, stop by Community Car Wash today. With two automated washes, four self-service bays, vacuums and vending machines filled with car washing materials, we make cleaning your car a breeze.

Drive on in today or call 845-428-9274 to learn more about our automated car wash and self-service cleaning station.

Simplify the car washing process

Community Car Wash makes washing your car simple. We have everything you need to get your car looking like new in no time. Here's the lowdown:

  • We offer four car wash packages (basic, super, deluxe, the works).
  • We feature touch-free and soft-touch washing options.
  • We have four self-service bays where you can wash your own car.

It's so easy to wash your car at Community Car Wash that you might start to enjoy keeping your car clean.

Visit us today to ask about our car wash packages.