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When it's time to clean the crud from your dirty car, come to Community Car Wash in Highland, NY. We're open 24/7, rain or shine. You can trust us to clean your car with care and attention to detail. Our car wash is located by the Mid-Hudson Bridge with easy access for north- and south-bound traffic.

We have two automated car washes, four self-service bays, vacuums and vending machines filled with all the car cleaning supplies you'll need.

Call us at 845-428-9274 today to learn more about the features of our car wash.


Purchase one of our money-saving car wash packages

What if you could wash your car more often and spend less money doing it? No, this isn't a joke. When you invest in a car wash package at Community Car Wash, you'll receive unlimited access to our automated car washes. If saving money isn't enough to convince you, here are three additional benefits of getting your car washed regularly:


You'll keep your car looking like new.

Your windows will be cleaner, which promotes safer driving.

You'll protect your car from the weathering effects of dirt and grime

Ready to sign up? Stop by Community Car Wash today to speak with one of our attendants about our car wash packages.

All about our automated car washes

Community Car Wash has two automated car washes: touch-free and soft-touch. Each machine offers a different type of clean and comes with exceptional benefits. No matter which type of wash you choose, you'll be amazed by how clean your car will look.

To learn more about your automated car wash options, visit Community Car Wash today.